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Paintings inspired by the first book of Moses and the beginning of a journey

Genesis is my first project of historical significance introduced to the 21st century. The foundation of this project was born in late 2023 when I went on a soul quest through my past and present life, searching in areas where I wasn't fulfilled. The more I looked at the world around me and the world internally, the more I saw my sole purpose for this time of my life, and that time was Genesis. 

Genesis opens our eyes to the world for us and around us through biblical storytelling and artistic perspective through the modern style of cubism. When I first discovered cubism, it unlocked a brand new love for the world that I never knew I had before. This love came at a pivotal moment of my life where I had no direction and had no purpose. My self-discovery of love and art began with cubism, it was my beginning, inspired by Pablo Picasso (Spanish, 1881-1973) and George Barque (French, 1882-1963). 

Genesis brings back the attention to the story of God and how the world was created, the stories that transpired through the first book of Moses, and the combination of yesterday, today, and tomorrow. 


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