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Luke Edward Stripp initiates his painting process through feelings and visualization. Prior to painting, Stripp commences an intimate conversation, establishing a connection between himself and his board. To capture his thoughts, emotions, and sentiments swiftly, he employs writing and rough sketches - a pivotal ritual - to lay the groundwork before selecting a medium, acrylic or oil. Based in Vancouver, Canada, Stripp finds solace within the confines of his home-based studio, seeking solidarity from the city life that Vancouver offers. Beyond his sanctuary, Stripp immerses himself in nature by walking the historic Fort-to-Fort Trail and exploring other picturesque locations throughout the lower mainland, like The Vancouver Seawall and The White Rock Pier. His love for nature runs deep - nurtured by Vancouver's bounty - offering everything from majestic mountain trails to tranquil moments lounging on the sun-kissed shores of English Bay.

Stripp's journey into the world of arts took an unconventional route, as he is entirely self-taught. This trajectory followed an injury he sustained while playing hockey in his late-teenage years, redirecting his life from being a rising hockey star to mastering the delicate art of painting. Through this, Stripp has learned to navigate life's peaks and valleys, embracing the concept that starting anew doesn't signify the end, but rather a fresh opportunity for a new beginning.

Curriculum Vitae

Luke Edward Stripp - b. May 2nd, 1995 Surrey, BC, Canada

Male - He/Him

Solo Exhibitions/Galleries

2022      Luke Eddie Stripp Original Artworks, Langley BC

2021      Luke Eddie Stripp Original Artworks, Langley BC

2020      Luke Eddie Stripp Original Artworks, Langley BC

Group Exhibitions/Galleries

2022      Le hang Art Gallery, Vancouver BC, Toronto ON, Montreal QC

2021      Le hang Art Gallery, Vancouver BC, Toronto ON, Montreal QC

Art Fairs/Biennials

2023      Art Vancouver International Art Fair, Vancouver Convention Centre, Vancouver BC


2023      ArtStories podcasts, hosted by Jessie and Sam

2022      Le hang Art Gallery Magazine #8 Spring

                Spell Love Road Production, Hallmark Movie Channel, "Colour my world with love"

2020.     Langley Advanced Times

Luke Eddie Stripp Original Artworks - Langley, BC 2020 - 2022
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